gRPC Config

Learn how to configure gRPC in TiKV.

We are currently refactoring our documentation. Please excuse any problems you may find and report them here.

This document describes the configuration parameters related to gRPC.


  • The compression algorithm for gRPC messages
  • Optional values: "none", "deflate", "gzip"
  • Default value: "none"


  • The number of gRPC worker threads
  • Default value: 4
  • Minimum value: 1


  • The maximum number of concurrent requests allowed in a gRPC stream
  • Default value: 1024
  • Minimum value: 1


  • Limit the memory size that can be used by gRPC
  • Default: "32G"
  • Limit the memory in case OOM is observed. Note that limit the usage can lead to potential stall


  • The maximum number of links among TiKV nodes for Raft communication
  • Default: 10
  • Minimum value: 1


  • The window size of the gRPC stream
  • Default: "2MB"
  • Unit: KB|MB|GB
  • Minimum value: "1KB"


  • The time interval at which that gRPC sends keepalive Ping messages
  • Default: "10s"
  • Minimum value: "1s"


  • Disables the timeout for gRPC streams
  • Default: "3s"
  • Minimum value: "1s"