The features of TiKV

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Geo-replicationTiKV uses the Raft consensus algorithm and the Placement Driver to support geo-replication.
Horizontal scalabilityWith the Placement Driver and carefully designed Raft groups, TiKV excels in horizontal scalability and can easily scale to 100+ terabytes of data.
Consistent distributed transactionsSimilar to Google’s Spanner, TiKV supports externally consistent distributed transactions.
Coprocessor supportSimilar to Hbase, TiKV implements a coprocessor framework to support distributed computing.
Automatic shardingTiKV shards your data into regions without manual intervention, reducing maintenance burden.
Region balanceTiKV supports rebalancing regions due to faults, workload, or topology needs.
Dynamic membershipGrow or shrink TiKV clusters dynamically, without the need for downtime.
Rolling online updatesUsing supported deployment methods, safely upgrade TiKV clusters without worry.
Extensive Metric SuiteEasily integrate TiKV into your infrastructure monitoring with extensive Prometheus reporting.
Flexible APIsUse transactional or raw gRPC APIs through clients in your favorite language, or use gRPC directly.