TiKV overview

Some basic facts about TiKV

TiKV is a distributed transactional key-value database originally created by PingCAP to complement TiDB.

The Ti in TiKV stands for titanium. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element and is named after the Titans of Greek mythology.


Geo-replicationTiKV uses the Raft consensus algorithm and the Placement Driver to support geo-replication.
Horizontal scalabilityWith the Placement Driver and carefully designed Raft groups, TiKV excels in horizontal scalability and can easily scale to 100+ terabytes of data.
Consistent distributed transactionsSimilar to Google’s Spanner, TiKV supports externally consistent distributed transactions.
Coprocessor supportSimilar to Hbase, TiKV implements a coprocessor framework to support distributed computing.


TiKV is written in Rust and powered by the Raft consensus algorithm.


TiKV was originally inspired by Google Spanner and HBase.


The basic architecture of TiKV is described in the diagram below:

TiKV architecture diagram
Figure 1. The architecture of TiKV

You can read more in the Concepts and architecture documentation.