RocksDB Config

Learn how to configure RocksDB engine in TiKV.

TiKV uses RocksDB internally to store Raft logs and key-value pairs.

TiKV creates two RocksDB instances on each Node:

  • One rocksdb instance that stores key-value data.
  • One raftdb instance that stores Raft logs and has a single column family called raftdb.defaultcf.

The rocksdb instance has three column families:

Column familyPurpose
rocksdb.defaultcfStores actual KV pairs for TiKV
rocksdb.lockcfStores transaction lock
rocksdb.writecfStores transactions’ commits and rollback records

RocksDB can be configured on each column family. Here is an example:

whole-key-filtering = false

For more information about the RocksDB configuration parameters, see RocksDB-related parameters.