Monitoring Framework

Use Prometheus and Grafana to build the TiKV monitoring framework.

The TiKV monitoring framework adopts two open-source projects: Prometheus and Grafana. TiKV uses Prometheus to store the monitoring and performance metrics, and uses Grafana to visualize these metrics.

About Prometheus in TiKV

Prometheus is a time-series database and has a multi-dimensional data model and flexible query language. Prometheus consists of multiple components. Currently, TiKV uses the following components:

  • Prometheus Server: to scrape and store time series data
  • Client libraries: to customize necessary metrics in the application
  • AlertManager: for the alerting mechanism
Prometheus in TiKV

About Grafana in TiKV

Grafana is an open-source project for analyzing and visualizing metrics. TiKV uses Grafana to display the performance metrics.