Learn how to deploy and operate a TiKV cluster

Learn to deploy, configure, monitor, and scale TiKV as you adopt the service into your project and infrastructure.

Install TiKV

In the Install TiKV section you’ll find several guides to help you deploy and integrate TiKV into your infrastructure.

The best supported and most comprehensive deployment solution for production environment is to Deploy TiKV using TiUP.

If you’re determined to strike it out on your own, we’ve done our best to provide you with the tools you need to build your own solution. Start with Install binary manually.

If you want to try TiKV on your own Mac or Linux machine, please try TiUP Playground.

Configure TiKV

Learn about how you can configure TiKV to meet your needs in the configure section. There you’ll find a number of guides including:



  • TiKV Command Line Parameters: Learn configuration flags of TiKV.
  • TiKV Config: Learn the TiKV configuration file.
  • Security: Use TLS security and review security procedures.
  • Topology Lable: Use location awareness to improve resiliency and performance.
  • Limit: Learn how to configure scheduling rate limit on stores.
  • Region Merge: Tweak region merging.
  • RocksDB: Tweak RocksDB configuration parameters.
  • Raftstore: Learn how to configure Raftstore in TiKV.
  • Titan: Enable titan to improve performance with large values.
  • Storage: Learn how to configure storage in TiKV.
  • gRPC: Learn how to configure gRPC in TiKV.
  • Coprocessor: Learn how to configure Coprocessor in TiKV.

Benchmark and Performance

Monitor and Alert

Learn how to inspect a TiKV cluster in the Monitor and Alert section. You’ll find out

Operate TiKV

This section introduces how to maintain and operate a TiKV cluster.