TiKV Clients

Interact with TiKV using the raw key-value API or the transactional key-value API.

TiKV offers two APIs that you can interact with:

APIDescriptionAtomicityUsage scenarios
RawA lower-level key-value API to interact directly with individual key-value pairsSingle keyYour application requires low latency and does not involve distributed transactions.
TransactionalA higher-level key-value API to provide ACID semantics.Multiple keysYour application requires distributed transactions.
It is not supported to use both the raw and transactional APIs on the same keyspace.

TiKV provides the following clients developed in different programming languages:

ClientsRawKV APITxnKV APISupported TiKV Version
Java ClientStableUnder development>= 2.0.0
Go ClientUnstableUnstable>= 5.0.0
Rust ClientUnstableUnstable>= 5.0.0
Python ClientUnstableUnstable>= 5.0.0
C++ ClientUnstableUnstable>= 5.0.0