Docker Compose/Swarm

Use Docker Compose or Swarm to quickly deploy a TiKV testing cluster.

This guide describes how to deploy a single-node TiKV cluster using Docker Compose, or a multi-node TiKV cluster using Docker Swarm.

The TiKV team strongly recommends you use the Ansible Deployment method. It is the method our team uses when we assist with deployment.

Other methods are documented for informational purposes. We strongly recommend consulting with our contributors before depending on a cluster deployed without the Ansible scripts.

PingCAP (the original authors of TiKV, and a maintaining organization of TiKV), develops and maintains the Apache 2 licensed TiDB docker-compose. TiDB docker-compose is a collection of Docker Compose files which enable you to quickly ‘test drive’ TiKV as well as TiDB, TiSpark, and the monitoring tools.

TiDB docker-compose is compatible with Linux as well as Mac and Windows through Docker Desktop.

We recommend using the Docker Swarm option option for using TiKV. If your Docker service is not able to support Swarm, the normal Docker Compose option requires some manual configuration to interact with TiKV directly on non-Linux systems.