Storage Config

Learn how to configure storage in TiKV.

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This document describes the configuration parameters related to storage.


  • A built-in memory lock mechanism to prevent simultaneous operations on a key. Each key has a hash in a different slot.
  • Default value: 2048000
  • Minimum value: 1


  • The number of scheduler threads, mainly used for checking transaction consistency before data writing
  • Default value: 4
  • Minimum value: 1


  • The maximum size of the write queue. A Server Is Busy error is returned for a new write to TiKV when this value is exceeded.
  • Default value: 100MB
  • Unit: MB|GB


  • The size of the temporary file that preoccupies the extra space when TiKV is started. The name of temporary file is space_placeholder_file, located in the directory. When TiKV runs out of disk space and cannot be started normally, you can delete this file as an emergency intervention and set reserve-space to 0MB.
  • Default value: 2GB
  • Unite: MB|GB