Configure a wide range of TiKV facets, including RocksDB, gRPC, the Placement Driver, and more.

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TiKV features a large number of configuration parameters you can use to tweak TiKV’s behavior. When getting started with TiKV, it’s usually safe to start with the defaults, configuring only the --pd (pd.endpoints) option.

There are several guides that you can use to inform your configuration:

  • Security: Use TLS security and review security procedures.
  • Topology: Use location awareness to improve resiliency and performance.
  • Namespace: Use namespacing to configure resource isolation.
  • Limit: Tweak rate limiting.
  • Region Merge: Tweak region merging.
  • RocksDB: Tweak RocksDB configuration parameters.
  • Raftstore: Tweak Raftstore configuration parameters.
  • Titan: Enable titan to improve performance with large values.
  • PD: Tweak PD parameters that are not included in command-line parameters.
  • Storage: Tweak storage configuration parameters.
  • gRPC: Tweak gRPC configuration parameters.
  • Coprocessor: Tweak Coprocessor configuration parameters.

You can find an exhaustive list of all parameters, as well as what they do, in the documented full configuration template.