The features of TiKV

Low and stable latencyRawKV’s average response time less than 1 ms (P99=10 ms).
High scalabilityWith the Placement Driver and carefully designed Raft groups, TiKV excels in horizontal scalability and can easily scale to 100+ terabytes of data. Scale-out your TiKV cluster to fit the data size growth without any impact on the application.
Easy to useRun a single command to deploy a TiKV cluster with everything you need for production environments. Easily scale out or scale in the cluster with TiUP or TiKV operator.
Easy to maintainTiKV is based on the design of Google Spanner and HBase, but simpler to manage without dependencies on any distributed file system.
Consistent distributed transactionsSimilar to Google’s Spanner, TiKV (TxnKV mode) supports externally consistent distributed transactions.
Adjustable consistencyIn RawKV and TxnKV modes, you can customize the balance between consistency and performance.