TiKV Community Connections

Ana Hobden, TiKV Ecosystem Lead

April 3, 2019

A few months ago at TiDB DevCon we talked about how we’d be opening new TiKV community forums & a community chat. We’re very happy to announce we’re releasing forum.tikv.org for forums, and tikv-wg slack for chat.

These spaces are designed so our community can discuss and share together. During our planning we realized that a synchronous space such as Slack or Discord offers a good place for ephemeral conversations, discussions, and troubleshooting, while spaces such as forums or Discourse offer a semi-permanent spaces for sharing articles, stories, and guides.

This space isn’t just for TiKV! You’ll also find topics for some of TiKVs dependencies as well: raft-rs, gRPC-rs, rust-prometheus, and fail-rs.

As with all TiKV project spaces, please follow the code of conduct with us so we can foster a vibrant, accepting, worldwide community.

The spaces are still quite young and in continuous evolution, but we’d love to have you join us and share.