TiKV celebrates 200 contributors!

Tang Liu

November 22, 2019

Dear TiKV contributors:

As you might’ve noticed, the TiKV project has recently hit its 200th contributor in its core repository. This marks a very important milestone in our community growth. As the lead of the TiKV team at PingCAP and the senior Maintainer of the TiKV project, I would like to thank you all for helping us achieve this milestone.

TiKV was originally created by PingCAP to complement TiDB in Jan, 2016 and open sourced in April, 2016. In August 2018, it was donated to CNCF as a Sandbox project. In May, 2019, TiKV was voted by CNCF to be an incubation-level hosted project. Since joining the CNCF a year and a half ago, the TiKV repository has tripled in contributors - from 64 to 200.

Contributor count

While this achievement is worth celebrating, we know there is still lots of work ahead. We have challenges to overcome, ideas to put to the test, friends to work with, and new ground to break. With 200 contributors and over 4500 PRs, we’ve developed an identity:

The TiKV project aims to enable and empower the next generation of databases by providing a reliable, high quality, practical storage foundation. This mission would not be possible to fulfill without our contributors as the foundation of the community. Going forward, we will be continuously dedicated to creating a collaborative atmosphere of research, development, and engineering excellence for the community, where you and TiKV can grow together.

On behalf of the TiKV PMC (Project Management Committee), thank you. You have helped make TiKV what it is today, and will continue to shape what TiKV will be tomorrow.

With sincerity and gratitude, Liu Tang